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Bert Horrobin

Bert hasn't been the most successful of fathers

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Played by:
Martyn Read
Retired roadworker
Lives at:
6, The Green

Bert and son Gary, the only Horrobin offspring still living at home, make the Grundy men look like domestic gods.

They struggled to cope after the death of Bert's long-suffering wife Ivy in 2011, so Bert's daughter Susan asked her sister Tracy to move in. Canny Tracy agreed - after the place was spruced up and Bert had made it a joint tenancy.

What's for tea, Tracy?
Bert Horrobin
  • Likes - A pint
  • Dislikes - Housework, any sort of work
  • Highs - Marrying Ivy (but that was a long time ago)
  • Lows - Where do you start...?

Immediate family

Key relationships

  • Joe Grundy (Drinking buddy)
  • Bert Fry (Drinking buddy)