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Private Buckley

Buckley is a selfish, weak, amoral soldier. He will use violence to get what he wants and lies to cover himself. He lusts after Elizabeth in particular. He is intensely aware that people despise him and know him to be weak. He longs for fear and respect.

Adam Nagaitis on Private Buckley

Buckley is an outsider and has a lot of issues
Adam Nagaitis

"He’s an outsider and has a lot of issues. This means he stays away from everybody else and he’s isolated and this leads to some interesting behaviour. I think Buckley’s just come out to find something in life. He's travelled for nine months at sea and he thinks maybe he’ll be a hero, maybe he’ll be like Captain Cook, do something remarkable in his life. But being with a small group of people, the same people every day, in this isolated environment with the ocean on one side and the bush on the other, means your reputation follows you around and your actions have consequences."

About Adam Nagaitis

Adam Nagaitis is an English actor known for his roles in 2014 films The Inbetweeners 2 and Peterman.