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The Teselecta

The Teselecta is one of the most remarkable pieces of engineering the Doctor has ever encountered. Its purpose is grim: to travel through time, locate people deemed to have broken the law, and without killing them, 'send them to hell'.

Fact title Fact data
Also known as:
Justice Department Vehicles
Home Planet:
Tricky one. They can transform to resemble anyone they have scanned.
Start to worry when:
They say something like 'You have been found guilty.'
First Revealed:
Last Appearance:

But the technology behind these machines is awesome. Also known as Justice Department Vehicles, a Teselecta can adapt itself to resemble anyone whose likeness it has scanned. But more than this, it can transform itself to take on the appearance and functionality of non-living matter, such as clothing or even a motorbike!

Justice mode activating!
Let's Kill Hitler

The vehicle is staffed by a crew that have been miniaturised and kept in a Borrower-like state by a compression field and the Teselecta the Doctor encountered in Berlin, 1938, was Justice Department Vehicle 6018. Deadly, powerful and almost unstoppable, it was only defeated when Amy forced its ruthless crew to abandon it.

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