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Kathy Clugston

Kathy comes from Belfast and began her broadcasting career at BBC Northern Ireland as a TV announcer. A period of TV presenting followed on the newly launched BBC Choice (now BBC Three) but the amount of time she had to spend in hair and make-up far outweighed the time she was actually on-air, so she gave it all up to pursue a radio career at Radio Netherlands in Holland, where she was free to look a complete mess.

Having fallen in love with radio, she began moonlighting at the BBC World Service and after a few years flying back and forth moved to London full-time when Radio 4 took her on as an announcer. Apart from fulfilling a long-held dream to read the shipping forecast, working for Radio 4 has led to her making a guest appearance at the Proms, narrating Peter and the Wolf for the Kensington Chamber Orchestra, and regular appearances on the Scott Mills show on Radio 1.

While her Ulster tones have generally been well received by Radio 4 listeners, not everyone has been appreciative. She once received a poem from a man complaining that "Gordon Brown" should not rhyme with "Battle of the Boyne."