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Li Jun

Jun is known by his nickname ‘Ajun’, he’s 20 years old and Mei’s younger brother.

He lives in a migrant area of Guangzhou with his mother Liu Ying and works at a nightclub called ‘Space’ as the DJ’s assistant.

Ajun is naive and full of energy - he enjoys socializing with the Nigerian community who have taught him English.

Ajun’s life is turned upside down when one night at the club he witnesses a murder. Finding himself made scapegoat by the powerful family of the perpetrator and wrongly convicted, he has been given the death sentence. At the bottom of the ladder in China and with no connections, Ajun’s fate seems a foregone conclusion.

Until the sister he’s only just discovered appears like a guiding star, bringing with her the hope of freedom and a family reunited.

Sebastian So

Playing Ajun in One Child was Sebastian So’s first Television credit. He will also be seen in upcoming CBBC series Teacup Travels, the first episode of which will be aired in February 2016.