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Kian Madani

Played by Ramin Karimloo

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23rd April 2019
Cardiothoracic Consultant Surgeon
No rush, Naylor. Just holding his beating heart in my hands.
Kian Madani

Kian is the person you’d want with you if your plane crashed on a desert island. Resourceful, unflappable and with a razor sharp wit, Kian seemingly breezes through life with ease. He’s got an air of casual charm about him, always in a wrinkled t-shirt with un-brushed hair, as if he’s permanently just rolled out of bed. Which he has, usually someone else’s, but on the whole Kian has nothing but respect for women. Kian loves food. He’ll eat pot noodles or bugs from the jungle, there’s pleasure to be had in it all but if he doesn’t eat, he’s cranky. If Kian’s cranky, no one’s having fun. Fun is important to Kian and he’s the king of pranks. Kian’s a lover not a fighter. The dark side of this can be that Kian is more interested in having fun than taking on responsibility and doing paperwork, which can leave those relying on him disappointed, or worse.