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Ayesha Rana

Don’t be fooled by Ayesha’s meek and mild appearance. After living life in a cocoon for 23 years, she spent most of her time in Walford trying to seduce poor old Masood.

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First appearance:
17th December 2012
Last appearance:
1st March 2013

Sweet, shy and studious Ayesha was born and raised in Newcastle. Her father doted on her but despite their solid bond; they were the quiet ones in the family. She’s lived a sheltered life and was more than happy in her familial cocoon with her dad by her side. Ayesha’s an introvert and could count her true friends on one hand – and because she keeps herself to herself, her brothers call her boring. She’s naïve, vulnerable and never talks about her feelings – which is presumably why she’s never had a boyfriend – or even kissed a boy… certainly different from some of the other young girls on The Square!

Ayesha’s life changed forever when her father was killed in a tragic accident. Her already-distant relationship with her mother and brothers became virtually non-existent.

Ayesha made the decision to fulfil her father’s dying wish and go through with an arranged marriage. Ayesha’s mum thought she had found ‘the perfect match’ for her daughter in London and packed Ayesha off to meet her future husband, Rashid, enlisting Zainab’s help as chaperone.

It was never like this back home!
Ayesha Rana

However, despite giving it her best efforts, Ayesha's eye was caught by another man, Masood. While her feelings were dismissed as a silly crush, Ayesha seemed to think she had met the man for her, and bravely confronted Zainab with her feelings... and a few home truths!

Understandably, this didn't go down very well with Zainab, who ordered Ayesha to leave her house. But once Ayesha heard that Zainab had left The Square, she returned to try and bag her man. While Masood was tempted, he realised that Tamwar needed him at home, and so, he reluctantly bid Ayesha farewell.

Shivani Ghai

  • Shivani Ghai has previously appeared in Bride and Prejudice, House of Saddam, Five Days II and Clean Skin.
  • She has also appeared in Doctors and Spooks.