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Susan was the Doctor’s granddaughter and as such shared a unique relationship with the Time Lord. He looked after her in 1960s England where she received part of her schooling, but both their destinies lay beyond Twentieth Century Earth…

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Also known as:
Susan Foreman
Home Planet:
Susan claimed that she came up with the acronym TARDIS.
First Appearance:
Farewell Appearance:
Key stories:
The Edge of Destruction; The Reign of Terror

Susan was a strange, unearthly mixture of ‘normal’ teenager and preciously talented alien. She enjoyed pop music and sometimes resented adults telling her what to do – just like any other young person! But in a flash she could demonstrate her otherworldly qualities, idly discussing societies on distant planets or chatting about time travel as though it was as normal as catching a bus. Little wonder she aroused the curiosity of two teachers who followed her home and triggered a series of incredible adventures…

“Susan Foreman… She’s a genius!
Ian Chesterton

Susan would invariably look to the Doctor for guidance and usually sided with him in any argument. But just as he looked after her, she was fiercely protective of him and would often act as a peacemaker when his waspish personality stung others into hostility. Their bond was a firm one but the Doctor knew that one day, she must find her own way…

During a battle with the Daleks on Earth in the 22nd Century, she fell in love with the brave resistance fighter, David Campbell. When the time came for the TARDIS to leave she felt duty-bound to join her grandfather, but the Doctor already knew that his granddaughter had grown up. It was time for her to settle down with someone she loved. Heartbroken, he locked Susan out of the ship – out of her home. Eloquently, poignantly, he bid her an encouraging farewell, and continued his travels without her. Susan remained in London with David, although she later met the Doctor again when she was kidnaped and marooned on Gallifrey. But that’s another story…