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A Danish warlord and Ubba’s second-­in‐command Guthrum is a man of quiet intensity.

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Played by
Thomas W. Gabrielsson

Dour and relentlessly pessimistic, with a dry sense of humour, he is a cold-­hearted killer, but his belligerence hides a conflicted soul. He develops a fascination with Christianity, with surprising repercussions.

Thomas W. Gabrielsson

The Danish‐Swedish actor Thomas W. Gabrielsson completed his acting training at the Teatro Potlach in Rome. He has since appeared in several theatre productions and has toured extensively both at home in Sweden and abroad. Thomas’ breakthrough role was as the ex‐KGB agent Sergei in Niels Arden Oplev’s acknowledged and Emmy–Award winning TV­‐series The Eagle. In the later TV‐series The Protectors (2008-­10) ‐ which was also recognized with an Emmy Award for best Drama Series ­‐ Thomas played Leon Hartvig in one of the leading roles. His many Swedish and Danish television credits also include the series Wallander (2006), Nynne (2006), The Killing III (2011) and the Swedish drama‐comedy series The Coaches (2012). In addition to a number of short films, Thomas has shown his richly faceted talent in feature films such as Jannik Johansen’s Stealing Rembrandt (2003), Oskar & Josefine (2005), Arn: The Knight Templar (2007) and most recently in Nikolaj Arcel’s Oscar nominated period drama A Royal Affair (2012), in which he played Schack Carl Rantzau. For this performance Thomas was nominated for the Danish Critic Association Award “Bodil” in the category Best Supporting Actor (2013). Most recently Thomas has appeared in the Swedish drama Echoes from the Dead (aka Skumtimmen).