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Charlie Slater

Life as the only male amongst the wild Slater women can't have been easy. Mild-mannered cabbie Charlie doted on his girls, and let them wind him round their fingers.

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First appearance:
4th September 2000
Last appearance:
7th January 2016 (Deceased)

The storms that have battered the Slater family were many - from the revelation that Kat was Zoe's mother, to Little Mo's domestic abuse and subsequent rape, Lynne losing her baby, and Stacey's bipolar diagnosis.

I only want us all to be happy together.
Charlie Slater

But without Charlie's support, and endless mugs of tea and sympathy, it's unlikely they'd have weathered them.

However tragedy struck on New Year's Eve 2010, when Ronnie Branning broke into the Vic and swapped her baby, who had died, for Kat's. When Kat returned to discover the dead child, she blamed Charlie for his death.

Though they made up, he decided to move to Lynne's, where he started a relationship with a younger woman called Eileen and planned to get married.

Charlie visited Walford when Kat and Alfie got Tommy back, but returned to his new home shortly after. He had a stroke in 2012.

At Christmas 2013, a recovered Charlie delighted Kat and Alfie by making a brief return to The Square.

Played by Derek Martin