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Tanya Adeola

Played by Vivian Oparah

Bright spark Tanya is always ahead of the game – so ahead that she’s skipped three school years at Coal Hill to take her A-Levels early. She might be younger than the rest of the gang, but she’s much wiser than her years. A Physics genius with sharp-eyed perception, Tanya is always the first to pick up on things and she can read people like a book.

I was attacked by a Shadow. Kind of opens your mind a littleā€¦

Although she’s clever, secretly Tanya finds it difficult to fit in with the older students who don’t always understand her – it’s tough trying to make friends when her strict mother is putting pressure on her at home. And under that razor-sharp wit is a deep grief as Tanya tries to come to terms with the tragic loss of her father.