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Yusef Khan

Everyone was taken in by this calm, collected doctor when he arrived in Albert Square. But behind closed doors, Yusef's bedside manner would not have met General Medical Council approval.

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First appearance:
23rd November 2010
Last appearance:
26th December 2011 (Deceased)
General Practioner

Yusef and Zainab were married while young, but when she had an affair with a certain Masood Ahmed, Yusef's family took revenge and burned her. So when Yusef arrived on the Square and it was revealed that his daughter Afia was seeing Zainab's son Tamwar, Zainab was beside herself with fear.

It's bad news!
Yusef Khan

However, scheming Yusef inveigled his way into her family home, creating divisions between Zainab and Masood until the latter left the family home and they divorced.

Yusef claimed that he had tried to save Zainab from the fire, she believed him, and fell in love with him again. The pair made plans to marry and a campaign of emotional and physical abuse began.

The once strong Zainab fell fully under Yusef's control, and he made further plans to isolate her from her support network by making plans for them to move to Pakistan. Finally Zainab found the strength to rebel and her family rallied round.

Yusef retaliated by locking Masood in the B&B and setting it alight. Outside, with the fire raging, he taunted Zainab - who lied that Afia was inside. Yusef fought his way into the burning B&B, where he met his death.

Played by Ace Bhatti


Yusef Khan character trail

A strong-willed doctor and loyal father with a tormented past...