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Lexi Viktorova

Friendly Lexi isn't afraid of hard work.

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Played by:
Ania Sowinski
Fruit picker at Home Farm

Native Bulgarian, Aleksandra Viktorova – though everyone calls her Lexi – is one of the team leaders for the 2017 cohort of fruit pickers at Home Farm.

It was nothing. They're just stupid boys.
Lexi Viktorova

She is keen to make the most of her time in the UK and despite having excellent English, she has sought out conversational practice to improve it further.

Parent to two teenage daughters, Lexi is friendly and easy-going but also ready to take charge and shoulder responsibility.

When the fruit pickers were targeted with racist graffiti, Lexi quickly removed it herself and did not want to involve the police. Meanwhile, she supported Phoebe through a pregnancy scare.

  • Likes - learning English idioms, reading Stephen King novels
  • Dislikes - involving the police, being far away from her daughters