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Glenda Mitchell

Archie's glamorous ex returned to the Square for her girls, but she wasn't as honest as she made out.

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First appearance:
7th January 2010
Former Bookie's Assistant

Glamorous Glenda was never going to win Mum of the Year. She walked out on husband Archie and their daughters Ronnie and Roxy after his controlling nature turned her into a nervous wreck.

Show me the money!
Glenda Mitchell

Glenda waltzed back into Walford when she discovered that Archie wouldn't be bothering her (or anyone else) ever again, and tried to stake her claim on his fortune.

When daughter Roxy won the inheritance jackpot, she turned her attention to her instead, trying to con her out of her money with the help of son Danny Mitchell. But Glenda was soon found out.

When Ronnie revealed that she had been abused by Archie, the family fell apart. Peggy refused to believe it, and Glenda seized her chance to get in with her girls, by supporting Ronnie.

However, Glenda couldn't resist trouble. She began sleeping with Ian and Phil, and when things turned sour, Phil made Roxy believe that her mum had tried to steal her money.

Revealing that she'd been sleeping with two unavailable men didn't help things, and Glenda left the Square in 2010 after a beating from Phil's ferocious partner, Shirley Carter. She's recently returned to Walford out of concern for her wayward daughter, Roxy.

Played by Glynis Barber