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Joe Gargery

Pip's brother-in-law Joe is the village blacksmith. Together with his overbearing wife, Joe has brought Pip up since he was orphaned.

Best of friends as ever we were.
Joe Gargery

But while Mrs Joe is overbearing and intolerant of Pip, Joe is a loving, gentle father figure to him. Unrefined and uneducated as he is, it is Joe's relationship with Pip that is tested most when Pip becomes a gentleman.

Shaun Dooley

´╗┐Shaun played Ritchie Fitzgerald in Coronation Street and has also appeared in EastEnders. He starred in BBC drama series The Street and played Police Inspector Dick Alderman in all three parts of the Red Riding trilogy. Shaun appeared in BBC dramas Five Days and Exile, and ITV's Married, Single, Other.