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Simon Elliott

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By profession a consultant radiologist in the NHS, specialising in ultrasound scanning, Simon Elliott has been recording wildlife sounds since 1968. Inspired by the work of Ludwig Koch on the BBC, he developed an early interest in getting microphones as close as possible to his subjects, a passion that continues.

Against the current trend for recording soundscapes, Simon’s aim is to record the detailed vocabulary of his subjects, if possible from their perspective, which means getting his microphones up trees, down cliffs or out over open water. He enjoys the challenge of working with ‘difficult’ species, especially birds of prey, and is often rewarded by some surprising recordings, such as the heartbeats of wild Golden Eagle and Osprey chicks in the nest, the intimate conversation of Little Grebes out on a lake, or the rasping of Limpets feeding in a rock pool.

Simon has recorded on six continents and his work has featured in many TV, film and audio productions; his recordings and sound documentaries have won several national and international awards and he regularly gives talks on wildlife sounds. He is a major supporter of the British Library Sound Archive in London, sharing the ethos that his life’s work should be freely available to all for scientific research and educational purposes.