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Kirsty Branning

Left to her own devices from an early age, Kirsty learnt young that you had to be clever, tough, steely and resourceful to survive.

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First appearance:
25th December 2012
Last appearance:
9th January 2014

When Derek was released from prison, he introduced Max to Kirsty. The pair were instantly smitten. In a moment of shared madness the pair had a shotgun wedding in a registry office. It was spontaneous and hedonistic but Kirsty had finally found ‘The One’, while Max was determined to put his past behind him. With Derek’s criminal activities down the toilet, Max and Kirsty resolved to move away from London (to Manchester) a week later and start a new life together.

Don’t expect sympathy from me
Kirsty Branning

Max and Derek planned to meet Kirsty there but during the move, Max was called back to Albert Square and discovered that Tanya had been diagnosed with cancer and was refusing treatment. Realising he'd been sent away under false pretences, Max stayed to look after Tanya and rescue his family. Unable to face Kirsty he simply informed her by phone that it was over... dirty dawg! Devastated by his apparently-callous abandonment, Kirsty had no way of finding Max. Derek – happy with his new-found family life - was in regular contact with Kirsty but gave misleading information in a bid to ensure she couldn’t find him. It was around this time that she made the shocking discovery that she was pregnant.

Kirsty contacted Derek to pass the news of her pregnancy onto Max but Derek selfishly lied and insisted that Max was not interested. The truth: Max was never told. Kirsty was forced to make a difficult choice and opted to have an abortion. Max was never party to this information but Derek knew. Kept at bay by Derek, Kirsty was determined to find Max and let him know exactly what he'd done to her but it was only when an angry Derek turned on Max on Christmas Eve that she finally found out where Max lived and decided to reclaim her man.

Since then Kirsty tried everything she could to get Max back... moving into the B&B, befriending his family and even getting a job in his local boozer! However, Tanya had been determined not to let Kirsty win, and after the mother of all showdowns (and a visit from Lauren) Kirsty admitted defeat and signed the divorce papers for Max... stating that she loved him so much, she had to let him go. Leaving in a black cab (obviously), Kirsty was unaware that just across The Square, Max was finally getting his marching orders from Tanya, after he admitted that he still loved Kirsty. With Tanya out of the picture, Max decided to track Kirsty down and bring her back to The Square... seemingly to give their marriage another go.

But it's not been all plain sailing for this couple. Even though Kirsty finally bagged her man, his ex and kids living a few doors down does not make a girl feel secure! When Kirsty revealed she was pregnant, it looked like her and Max were set for a happy ending... but Max wasn't too keen on being a dad again, mainly as it would be the final nail in the coffin for his and Tanya's yo-yo relationship. But just as Max finally came round to the idea, Kirsty revealed to Kat that she wasn't actually pregnant... it was a desperate ploy to hold onto her man. 

But after a tussle over who gets to take the rubbish out (wish that happened in our house!) Kirsty's negative pregnancy test and her little secret were revealed for Max to see... Needless to say, he wasn't impressed, so swiftly dumped Kirsty and ran back to Tanya only to be rejected. He seemed to give a pretty good impression of being over Kirsty, but her ex Carl arriving back on the scene seemed to stir up some jealousy in Max. Just as it seemed the pair were set to give it another go, Lauren arrived back on the scene, and Max seemed to brush Kirsty aside so he could give Lauren his undivided attention.

Kirsty had a bit of a rollercoaster ride after that. Carl got into a car crash and Max was arrested for tampering with the brakes. Abi kicked her out of the house, but then Lauren asked her back to stay. Bills and legal fees mounted, so she borrowed money from a loan shark. But they were soon on her tail for a repayment that she couldn’t afford. It was enough to drive anyone over the edge! But instead Kirsty decided to seduce Carl and steal his money. But now Max is free, will Kirsty’s dirty laundry come out for the whole Square to see? Of course it would! Carl wasted no time in gloated to Max about his conquest with Kirsty. So when Max confronted her, she was left with no choice but to tell the truth, revealing she did it for the money and to take care of his family. Unfortunately, it was too little too late with Max, and he ended their marriage and asked her to leave!

After receiving divorce papers from Max, Kirsty went to confront him. However, with Max on the rebound from recent news about Tanya, the pair soon end up back in each other arms. Not too long after being asked to leave, Kirsty returned to the arms of Max - only to be chucked straight back out again! Oh, and her dinner thrown all over the wall!

Kierston Wareing

  • Kierston’s many TV appearances include Inside Men, Top Boy, Luther, The Shadow Line, The Runaway and The Take.
  • Kierston has also appeared in several films including Fish Tank, Rise of the Footsoldier and It’s a Free World for which she was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Actress.
  • Kierston had to keep the news of her role in EastEnders secret from all her friends and family, with only her Dad and brother knowing the truth… We bet there were a few surprised faces on Christmas Day!

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