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A little bit about Ally McCrae

Helllllooo I'm Alastair Wilson McCrae, doesn't get much more Scottish than that eh?! I'm 23 years old, I live in Glasgow, I'm the same height that Joey Ramone was and I present BBC Introducing in Scotland.

It's an honour to be part of BBC Radio 1.
Ally McCrae

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house filled with music, with a family much more talented and dedicated than me. I was the one with the loud mouth, acting out my pre-teen rebellion by staying up late, listening to Colin Murray, Lamacq and Mike Davis - thinking I was the all that in a pair of baggy jeans. This led to me venturing (sneaking out the house) to my first gig, which set me on the path, that I'm thankfully still on, of going to as many gigs as a man can.

I spent four years at Stirling University, where I paid minimal attention to my degree and fell in love with radio. I ran Air3, Stirling's student radio station, for two years, which was a place full of bold ideas, arm-chancing, creativity and sing-a-longs. It really brought folks from all walks together. I learnt a lot there while presenting and producing a weekly show, which was the starting block for my insatiable quest to find new Scottish music.

My best pal and I have an online video blog where we give exposure to Scottish acts by filming them playing live in bizarre and wonderful places. On top of that we host gigs, musical mystery tours and whatever other devious adventures we can cook up. Its all about getting the most out of live music, and enjoying every second of it.

It's an honour to be part of BBC Radio 1. To be able to go on-air every week, get really excited and present you the best music from north of the border before anyone else. Sunday evenings from midnight, come be part of our wee Scottish musical quest.