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Heather Small

Singer Heather Small is best known for her part in 90s music band M People, with chart toppers including Moving On Up and One Night In Heaven, as well as achieving solo success with her hit single, Proud. As a child, Heather attended Sunday school and the Good News Club where religion and faith formed an important aspect of her early life.

What were you hoping to experience travelling the famous medieval pilgrimage, Camino de Santiago?
I started off the journey with no expectations, but I was keen to feel the spiritual and religious significance to the walk.

Just do it, don’t procrastinate - it’s a life-changing journey!

What was your favourite moment of the journey?
Walking with other people who I didn’t know. We were all very different, but there was definitely a level of humanity and camaraderie.

What was the most challenging aspect?
After a gruelling day of walking, and being so emotionally and physically drained, it was hard to discuss our experiences.

Did the pilgrimage impact on your own beliefs about faith?
I was a believer before I set off, but this trip made me realise my faith and beliefs were much stronger than I had realised.

What was the most surprising thing you learned - either about the people you met, the places you visited or yourself?
As different as we all are, some things resonate with individuals and we all managed to find a common thread throughout the experience.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to somebody considering the Camino de Santiago?
Just do it, don’t procrastinate - it’s a life-changing journey!