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HMS Morris

HMS Morris intuitively understands that less is more, that partially shrouding something makes it more beguiling.

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Heledd Watkins (Vocals/ Guitar/ Synths), Sam Roberts (Bass/ Synth/ Loops/ Backing Vocals), Wil Roberts (Drums)

Imagine sailing an unfamiliar sea, trying to follow Will-o’-the-Wisps through shifting banks of fog, all the while in imminent danger of breaking your hull against the jagged rocks beneath the surface. Well, that’s sort of what HMS Morris sound like.

The sound they make is also, resolutely, pop music; especially if you think of Syd Barrett’s 1st album as being pop music (there is a psychedelic vibration at the blurred edge of HMS Morris.)

And there are glorious, fuzzy, pan-dimensional synthesisers, too. But not in the way that everyone else seems to be using synthesisers at the moment, to evoke memories of the 80’s. These synths sound like they were stolen out of the more accessible grooves from one of Yes’ good albums. This is a high compliment, truly.

Central to proceedings is Heledd Watkins’ melodious voice. It’s wonderful to listen to. You want to be friends with it the moment you hear it. It doesn’t have to leap about trying to impress you; it’s just there, being tuneful, intriguing and ace.

Heledd is from Llandovery and her two cohorts aboard HMS Morris, Sam and Wil Roberts, are from St Asaph.

Heledd has spent some of her time in the last couple of years playing bass on tour with Emmy the Great and Chloe Howl. Sam and Wil were in the excellent (and under-rated Mwsog). HMS Morris is very much their focus right now, a wonderful, fuzzy, rollicking focus.

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