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Jinda and Bindu

The workaholic husband and wife who’ve yet to go on a honeymoon after 30 years of marriage

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46, co-owner of small retail chain from Nottingham
48, co-owner of small retail chain from Nottingham

Why did you decide to take part?

Jinda: We thought it was the perfect time for us. It was a great opportunity, and a chance for us to spend some time together as a couple. We never had a honeymoon back in the day. Our children are now grown up and our lovely daughter in laws are helping to run the business, so it felt like the perfect time to leave what we set up and go and do something exciting and new.

Bindu: We’ve both worked long hours and didn’t take any time off for holidays for the first ten years of our marriage, even though we did start travelling as the kids got older. And we’ve never been able to just take off for a long period and not have to worry. Now that our family is grown, we can leave the running of our businesses to them and are ready to start the next chapter in our life together.