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Ben Wright

Ben is an antiques dealer specialising in top quality English clocks.

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Joined the Roadshow:
Memorable find:
A Rolex watch belonging to a prisoner of war

Ben Wright joined Christie’s as a porter in 1986, and during his 20 years there, he became the International Head of the Clock Department and a Board Director. He has travelled the world, studying many of the greatest clock collections in private hands. An experienced auctioneer, Ben has conducted many important clocks and watch sales all over the world. At the last count, he had sold over 2,000 carriage clocks and more than 50 clocks by Thomas Tompion, who is still regarded three hundred years since his death as the Father of English Clockmaking.

In 2006, Ben left Christie’s to join forces with his business partner and set up his own company in Gloucestershire trading in top level English clocks.

Since joining the Roadshow in 2005, the most remarkable item Ben has encountered was a Rolex watch at Hutton-in-the-Forest in Cumbria. On the surface it was nothing remarkable, but when Ben learned that it had been ordered by, and delivered to, a prisoner of war in Germany during World War II, it took on a whole new significance.