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Dr Zoe Williams

Zoe currently practises as an NHS General Practitioner in London. Her interests include sports medicine and improving health thorough lifestyle measures.

She works with Public Health England as a clinical champion for physical activity and is the founder of Fit4Life, an organisation that delivers workshops to children to inspire, educate and motive them to lead healthier lives.

Zoe has competed at a high level in a number of sports including Athletics and Rugby Union and appeared as ‘Amazon’ on Sky 1’s Gladiators where she found that hitting people with giant cotton buds really is as much fun as it looks. Recently she joined a team of scientists on Horizon to delve into the science of hair care.

Zoe joined the Trust Me I’m A Doctor team in 2016. Already she has put home health gadgets to the test, investigated quick fixes that claim to boost our metabolism and put herself on a high fat diet to explore its effects on the body.