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Robbo Ranx Profile

A little bit about Robbo Ranx

Where were you born?

There's not one tune that inspired me, all music inspires me.
Robbo Ranx


Your favourite hobby and/or present as a kid?

Making girls cry.

How you got into being a DJ/Presenter?

I wanted to make records and no-one wanted to play them, so I started to play them myself.

Your biggest influence(s)?

Failure, wanting to avoid it.

Biggest achievements?

Avoiding failure so far.

Key tune that you love or that has inspired you?

There's not one tune that inspired me, all music inspires me.

Who would you invite to a dream dinner party?

Both sets of my grandparents who I never got to meet while they were alive

Interest/hobbies outside of music?

Football. Liverpool.

Three rules you live your life by?

1. Eat well

2. Sleep well

3. Be Humble and show humility

If you ran the country what would you change/initiate?

First of all get rid of that Parliment place and run the country from my yard on my laptop. Spend a load of money on young people.

What's your weakness?


Favourite piece of clothing and why?

Footwear. I've got small cute feel and the ladies say it's important to protect them.

What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought that's not a house?

A black Italian designer suit which I thought was cool at the time but I've never worn in. I was going to wear it to a funeral but I was worried it might be disrespecting the dead.