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Dennis Rickman Jnr

Dennis Jnr has lived a sheltered life - his mum Sharon is very over-protective of her little Denny - but is it any wonder considering his Dad's tragic demise?

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First appearance:
13th August 2012
55 Victoria Road

Adorable Dennis Jnr grew up in the sunny paradise of Florida with mum Sharon and her BFF Michelle... so life in The Square was a bit of a shock to the system!

Dennis Jnr was named after the love of Sharon’s life (and adoptive brother) Dennis who was tragically murdered by gangster Johnny Allen before Dennis was born. Up until he arrived on The Square, Dennis had been quite spoilt by Sharon, who had fiancé John’s money at her disposal, but that ceased to be the case when Sharon did a disappearing act on her wedding day... abandoning poor Dennis in John’s evil clutches.

Played by Bleu Landau