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Poppy Begum

London born Poppy is an established investigative journalist and producer known for her thought-provoking documentary work.

Career highlights include presenting BBC Three’s Young and Sterile where she spoke to young people volunteering to be sterilised, and Drugs Map Of Britain, where she produced and presented reports on recreational Class A drug use.

I've never shied away from talking openly and honestly about issues that are perhaps still a stigma and taboo for the British Asian community but I want to do it in a way that's fun and inclusive - always better out than in I say!

In the BBC Two series, Hospital, she covered issues around health and has also reported for Vice on people leaving Islam.
Poppy has presented an investigative special about British women supporting the Islamic State group for Channel 4’s Dispatches, and produced The Curry House Kid, an arts documentary about the British Bangladeshi community in the UK.

Poppy is passionate about human-interest stories and social issues and hopes to give listeners access to the conversation around issues that aren’t always reflected in mainstream media or her own British Bangladeshi community.