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Computer Programmers & Philosophers

The computer programmers and philosophers are part of a species hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings who want the answer to the “life, the universe and everything.

The computer programmers One, Two and Three (as they are named in the scripts) design Deep Thought to calculate the answer to this ultimate question. It is whilst giving Deep Thought his assignment that they are interrupted.

What we demand is a total absence of solid facts!

Majikthise and Vroomfondel may or may not be philosophers. They represent the Amalgamated Union of Philosophers, Sages, Luminaries and other Professional Thinking Persons and argue that since the search for ultimate truth is the "inalienable prerogative of your professional working thinkers" Deep Thought should be switched off immediately.

However Deep Thought wins them over by suggesting that they could use the seven and a half million years of calculation to do the "pundit circuit". As "any philosophers who are quick off the mark are going to clean up in the prediction business".

Seven and a half million years later a new generation of computer programmers (who are also called One and Two in the script), a cheerleader and a large crowd gather to receive the answer, but unfortunately not the question.

It is their descendants that appear in this dimension as mice on earth.