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LIKES TO SEW: Tweeds, country clothes with a twist, sewn gifts for friends

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West Yorkshire
Mum of 3, Housing Estate Officer

Julie is a bit of a rebel in the sewing room. She doesn’t enjoy sticking to the pattern and speaks her mind. Julie works on one of the most problematic housing estates near Leeds, so golf, country walks and sewing are the perfect antidote.

Julie learnt to sew four years ago after her youngest daughter started competing in ballroom dancing. Unable to afford the elaborate costumes, Julie learnt to sew and made the outfits herself.

She now makes all her own clothes as well as sewing for her friends and daughters. Her 14 year old former ball room dancer now refuses to wear anything made by her mum, preferring high street buys. When Julie’s middle daughter left home, her room was converted into a sewing room.