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Cassidy Little

From the battlefield to the Ballroom, Cassidy lives out his dream to dance!

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Peterborough (born in Canada)
Hero qualities
Marine Medic who helped others through rehab, despite his own injuries
Dance Partner

Lance Corporal Cassidy Little is a former Royal Marine medic, who lost his right leg below the knee during a tour of Afghanistan in the summer of 2011. An improvised explosive device was triggered, resulting in three fatalities. Despite his own horrific injuries Cassidy selflessly attempted to tend to his colleagues on the ground after the attack.

Strictly Come Dancing is a guilty pleasure. It’s just the dancing: it’s beautiful to watch
Cassidy Little

Following the incident, Cassidy spent a week in an induced coma, and two months in hospital. He then undertook intensive rehabilitation with his fellow injured Marines, who commented that it was Cassidy’s optimism and sense of humour that helped them through an incredibly tough time. Major Steve McCulley, who spent over two years in rehab with Cassidy, stated: “Every single seriously injured service person goes through very dark periods and were it not for Cassidy, those dark periods would have been far longer and far harder for many to deal with, me included.”

And it wasn’t just Cassidy’s upbeat attitude that helped his colleagues – but his love of dance too! Previously an avid dancer - and with a degree in music and dance - Cassidy taught fellow Marine JJ Chalmers, how to Waltz whilst out in Afghanistan, so JJ could impress his fiancée at their first dance for their wedding. When Cassidy was being airlifted to Camp Bastian following the incident, Cassidy joked: “there go my dancing days!” - But how wrong he was!

His fellow Marines can’t wait to see him take to the Strictly dancefloor. As Major Steve McCulley reveals: “no one will admit to it, but Marines all have a soft spot for a bit of Strictly!”

Meet Cassidy

Meet Cassidy Little

Marine Medic Cassidy is returning to his dancing days on the People's Strictly

Cassidy and Natalie's Paso Doble

Cassidy Little and Natalie Lowe Paso Doble to O Fortuna from Carmina Burana

Cassidy Little and Natalie Lowe dance the Paso Doble to O Fortuna from Carmina Burana