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Patsy Mount

Patience Elizabeth “Patsy” Mount was born in Shanghai in 1933, to a shipbroker father and socialite mother. She went to a Catholic boarding school and has lived in Nurses Homes at various London hospitals since training as a nurse.

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Played by
Emerald Fennell
First Appeared
Series 3

Patsy is in her mid-twenties, tall, elegant and favours slightly tailored clothes. She joins Nonnatus House to help cover the work load in Jenny's absence. However, we first met Patsy earlier when she was working as a staff nurse on the male surgical ward at the London Hospital.

Patsy has boundless energy, and is prodigiously strong, never blinking in the face of hard work or physical privation. Her robust common sense and frank manner prove rather a tonic at a time when Nonnatus House is feeling overworked.

Despite her no-nonsense approach Patsy is slightly more guarded than she first appears, and is not entirely easy to get to know. She spent time as a child in a Prisoner of War camp, and it was this experience which lead her to become a nurse and midwife.

Patsy and Trixie are room-mates and enjoy many a late night drink and a cigarette.

Emerald Fennell

Emerald Fennell is a British actress and writer. She studied English at Oxford University and acted in university plays where she was discovered by United Agents. She has starred in the films Anna Karenina and Albert Nobbs, and also appeared in The Lady Vanishes.

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