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Charlie Wilson

Charlie was known for being the treasurer of the gang.

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Played by
Jack Roth

He was born in 1932 and was childhood friends with Bruce Reynolds. Charlie had also lost his mother at a young age.

During the trial, Wilson became known as The Silent Man...
Recollections of Charlie Wilson

On marrying Pat, he took over her family’s business of a greengrocer's shop in Penge.

During the trial, Wilson became known as The Silent Man. In his summing up the judge said: "No one has said less than you throughout this long trial. Indeed, I doubt if you have spoken half a dozen words."

Wilson was jailed for 30 years but escaped after just four months. He was captured again in Canada after four years on the run and served 10 more years in jail.

He was the final train robber to emerge from prison in 1978.

Wilson moved to Marbella, Spain, where he was shot and killed by a hitman in 1990.


Charlie Wilson - the man who loved money

Jack Roth hopes everyone will fall in love with the robbers.