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Social media perils for aspiring artists

Streaming is now the main growth driver for music revenues worldwide. In India, music streaming is estimated to cross $870m by 2025. According to a recent study, Indians also listen to more music than the rest of the world - over 19 hours a week, compared to 18 hours globally. And nearly 67% of this music is consumed through social media sites or apps. With those kinds of figures - what kind of effect is this having on young artists, who are often told, told, “It’s the future of music” or, “It’s here to stay, so learn to work with it.”

How does this affect their creativity, and how do they deal with the pressure to gain more followers on social media? We discuss the perils and pitfalls of social media for aspiring artistes.

Presenter: Devina Gupta
Contributors: Nikhil Chinapa, DJ, anchor, music festival curator; Chintan Kalra, producer, musician, co-founder - Indie Band Parikrama; Lekha Raman, fashion model, disc jockey

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24 minutes

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