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What can sport learn from Eriksen's cardiac arrest?

Christian Eriksen's collapse shows why grassroots sport must catch-up to save lives.

The stage could not have been bigger – a moment seen by millions. A 29-year-old footballer suffered a cardiac arrest in the middle of a match at the European Championship.

Doctors rushed to his side and – after a harrowing period when time seemed to stand still - shocked his heart back into life. But as Christian Eriksen recovers in hospital, others grieve the hundreds of young people lost every year to a previously undiagnosed heart problem often brought on by sport.

On this week’s podcast, we speak to sports cardiologist Dr Rob Cooper about the shortage of life-saving defibrillators in grassroots sport, we hear from a club in Kent that has lost three players to sudden cardiac death – and from cricketer James Taylor, who has found new happiness and purpose in life, five years on from the sudden cardiac episode that ended his career.

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