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Jazz Moreton has been struggling to get heard for the last 15 years, especially finding anyone who would let her share her story on the radio.

Jazz Moreton is an artist and BBC New Creative who is passionate about using her experiences as a person with multiple disabilities, along with her creative ability and drive for genuine equality, she wants to make positive change through social media.

Discordance is an insightful, autobiographical drama, and a brilliantly crafted piece of audio work. We want you to turn your radio up, shut out all other noise and distraction, and give Jazz, her story and her art the time and stillness it requires.

About Discordance.

Discordance by Jasmine Moreton, a New Creatives ​artist, supported by Rural Media, Arts Council England and BBC Arts. New Creatives, is an exciting talent development scheme offering commissioning opportunities for emerging creatives to make new artistic works in film, audio or interactive media,

Jazz decided to apply to the New creatives scheme after discovering first-hand how hard it can be for people with speech-related disabilities to have their voices heard on the radio. She wants to create positive social change through her work, and is aiming for a career in audio production so she can help to air others’ stories.

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10 minutes

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