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Part Three - Money Changes Everything

Money replaced the grand dreams of the future. It was safer. But then money took on a life of its own.

The story of how in the 1970s those in power set out to create a world free of the dangerous big ideas of the past. They banished the grand dreams of changing the world. And replaced them with money. People would live from now on in their own heads – in their own dreams. And the banks would lend them the money to create those dreams. While China would supply a wave of cheap consumer goods on a scale never seen before in the world.

But then money broke free across the world. And people started to get frightened that things were out of control. Not just money - but the world’s climate too seemed to be behaving in a strange, unpredictable way. The systems seemed to have a life of their own. Beyond the ability of anyone to shape and predict

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1 hour, 11 minutes


Role Contributor
Writer Adam Curtis
Director Adam Curtis
Executive Producer Rose Garnett
Producer Sandra Gorel

Key Characters

Key Characters

Adam Curtis introduces the cast of characters at the centre of his new series of films.