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How crowdmapping is preventing FGM in Tanzania

An estimated 3,000 girls have escaped female genital mutilation (FGM) over the last five years in Tanzania by using a crowdsourced map. For activists trying to prevent FGM, locating those at risk in rural areas is very difficult, but with the contribution of many volunteers across the country the Crowd2map project makes finding them much easier.

Crowd2map has trained many community groups across Tanzania. The organisation Hope for Girls and Women is one of them. It provides girls with safe houses as refuge and a place for education in the districts of Serengeti and Butiama in the Mara region. The organisation is led by Rhobi Samwelly.

(Picture: FGM survivor and activist Rhobi Samwelly with girls at the Mugumu safe house in Tanzania Credit:PA)

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