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“I am a work of art myself!”

Kat and Jen go 'Neon Naked Life Drawing' and meet legendary artist Sue Kreitzman.

Artist Sue Kreitzman talks age, fashion and why you should never wear beige.

Kat and Jen take a trip to the top floor of The Old Queen’s Head pub in Islington to witness live 'Neon Naked Life Drawing'. Under the UV lights, they meet Jylle Navarro who came up with the concept, and life models Lilith and Finn to find out about posing, personas and avoiding getting pubes covered in paint!

The pair check out some of the art work from the event and meet the iconic, self-confessed “colour maniac” host Sue Kreitzman. Sue chats about why wearing beige will kill you, making neck ‘shrines’ and enjoying her aging body. The 79-year-old also reveals what drives her obsession with colour, how she came to art in later life and why living away from her husband is the secret to a happy marriage!

Check out the photos from this night on Instagram and Twitter. Search for 'The Naked Podcast'.
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