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'Telephone Lament for Coronavirus', US Lockdown Protests, 'Best of' Streamed Worship.

'Telephone Lament for Coronavirus',

As protests to end the lockdown continue across some states in America, Edward Stourton speaks to two Christian pastors in Virginia who have responded differently to the stay-at-home order.

Our correspondent Rahul Tandon reports on claims that Hindu nationalists are exploiting Covid-19 to ramp up prejudice against Muslims in India.

Mud Orange – a new ‘creative agency’ launched at the start of this year's Ramadan - is, according to its founders, the first in the Western world to specialise in targeting the Muslim consumer, while aiming to reshape the public image of Muslims.

The BFI’s 'Jewish Britain on film' is a free-to-view online collection of films which give an insight into the life of British Jews over the last century. It brings together the earliest surviving depictions of Jewish characters in British cinema as well as documentaries and homemade cine films.

Continuing our chaplains series, Fr. Dan Mason, National Catholic Chaplain to Gypsies, Roma and Travellers explains the issues affecting those communities during the pandemic.

With a wide variety of online worship now available to anyone anywhere, Rev Fergus Butler-Gallie offers a guide to where you can surf the services that meet your liturgical tastes: beginning with Protestant denominations.

And intensive care doctor Mark Tan shares his ‘Telephone Lament for Coronavirus’.

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All the colours of the rainbow

All the colours of the rainbow

The Covid-19 rainbows painted by children today are part of a rich and ancient symbolism.