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Coronavirus: The hidden impact

Globally, more than 82,000 people in more than 50 countries are now infected with the coronavirus. Close to 2,800 have died, mostly in China’s central Hubei province. While countries battle to control the outbreak, the World Health Organisation has warned it will be ‘fatal’ for any country to assume it will not get any cases.

In this edition of WorklifeIndia, we ask, what is the hidden impact of the coronavirus? What measures is India taking to ensure complete preparedness? Is there a social cost to the misinformation around coronavirus? And will businesses that are heavily dependent upon their trade with China cushion the imminent fallout?

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Dr Shahid Jameel, leading virologist, CEO, Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance health charity; Qian Sun, Chinese journalist; Subodh Rai, senior director & head - analytics, CRISIL Ratings

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24 minutes