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Erasure Island

Poetry exploring bisexual, pansexual and queer erasure in modern working-class life

Five short pieces of poetry, inspired by real life conversations between myself and four other queer people about their experiences, tell the story of bisexual, pansexual and queer erasure to a minimal abstract soundscape. The pieces focuses on themes brought up in the interviews, exploring the queer experience of having your identity erased by those around you, your relationship, and yourself. As well as how these anxieties manifest in different real life scenarios, at work, at the pub, at the nightclub, at the kebab shop, and in your mum and dad’s front room.

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By 1990s Chris
Jamie Thrasivoulou provided the voice of 'The Man'
Rosie Shewell - Assistant Producer
Liz Purnell - Music and Sound Design
Illustration - Wednesday

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14 minutes