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Pollution: How are people surviving the toxic air?

What can be done to make Delhi's air cleaner?

Air pollution in the north of India has reached unbearable levels this month. Many areas of the country’s capital, Delhi, reported hazardous air quality, with the potential to cause respiratory illnesses. Schools were closed for two days and people advised to stay indoors. Low visibility due to a persistent haze caused many flights to be diverted. Rules also went into effect to allow only cars with odd or even number plates to be driven on given days.

While politicians blame each other for the conditions, the city’s residents are taking to the streets and the social media to express discontent. Last week, protests were held demanding action to curb pollution using long-term and sustainable anti-pollution measures.

So, how are people surviving the toxic air? And what can be done to make the city’s air cleaner?

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Dr Tarun Sahni, senior consultant, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals; Harinder Chhabra, director, The Infinity School; Ayush Bahl, student; Christine Pemberton, marathon runner; Sushila Saripalli Bahl, blogger & parent

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