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Transforming transgender lives

Transphobia is on the rise, recent studies indicate. In the UK alone, trans-hate crimes recorded by the police rose by 81% since last year. Another study of nearly 10 million social media posts across the US and UK by analytics firm Brandwatch says that there is 'inhumane' harassment and transphobhic abuse on digital platforms.

In India, over half a million transgender people continue to struggle against discrimination. Many opt for expensive and complicated gender reassignment surgeries to gain social acceptance.

So what can be done to make society more inclusive towards transgender people? Could providing better education and legislation improve their rights?

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Kalki Subramaniam, transgender rights activist; Nitasha Biswas, model and Miss Transqueen India; Air Cmde (Dr) Sanjay Sharma (retd), CEO, Association for Transgender Health in India

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24 minutes

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