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Paradise Island

A collage of sounds, weave time, memory and poetry, on an island of the mind.

Kick-off your shoes and feel the beaming warmth from memories comfort your back, as you are guided on an island of the mind.

A Poetic collaboration between Granddaughter Scarlett Smyth and Late Granddad John Richard Doughty, Collaged around organically fragmented recordings, from Johns's 80s pearl cassette recorder.

A sculpture formed from Symbolic segments that weave relationships with sound representing a childhood memory.

Inviting the concept of ‘Seeing sound’ and evoking memories from the viewer.

A fossil of physicality that can be felt for generations and years to come.

New Creatives is supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts.

Scarlett Smyth – Writer and Creative Director
Hal Smith – Sound Recordist
Philip Moroz – Sound Editor
Amanda Dorsett – Co-Producer
Abhirami Arumbakkam – Co-Producer
Dom Unsworth – Advising Producer

Release date:

Available now

11 minutes