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Kim Kardashian West called out by doctor for body image comments

A doctor in Melbourne, Australia, has written an open letter to reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, accusing her of setting "a very dangerous tone for vulnerable people when it comes to body imageā€.

Preeya Alexander said she decided to post the message after hearing Mrs Kardashian West say that she would like to reach her "goal weight" before her 40th birthday.

Her letter read: "Women look at you and think you look great, and if you talk about weight loss like this it can start to skew what other women think their bodies should look like.

"I see women all the time with concerns around their body, their weight, their appearance. I see women struggling with binging and/or purging. I see women restricting calories significantly to the point of losing their periods."

Preeya spoke to BBC OS.

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