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What is the value of women’s work?

What can Iceland teach us about ensuring that jobs routinely done by women are paid as well as those done by men? Lesley Curwen examines a radical approach to the gender pay gap.

Iceland has taken radical measures to reduce its gender pay gap. These aren't just about equalising pay when men and women do the same job but when they do different jobs of equal value. That's proved to be quite a sticking point in many countries around the world; ensuring that the jobs routinely occupied by women are paid as well as those that men do. Lesley Curwen meets the people tasked with comparing a production line worker with an office administrator, an HR professional with an accountant and a camera operator with a social media marketeer. What has the financial and cultural impact been on companies that have had to adjust their pay rates and what do their employees think about the process? Is the Iceland model one that other countries could follow?

Presenter: Lesley Curwen
Producer: Rosamund Jones

Picture Credit: Getty Creative

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