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Basketball - the latest front in the fallout between China and the United States

The latest row between China and the US revolves not around trade, but around basketball. It all began with a tweet in support of the Hong Kong protesters by the general manager of the Houston Rockets which, as Robin Brant reports, has made the Chinese authorities deeply unhappy.

The people of Lebanon have been out on the streets in anti-government demonstrations for several days. It all started with a proposal, now withdrawn, to impose a tax on internet-based voice calls. But Lizzie Porter wonders if some of the protesters aren't simply enjoying the party.

Transylvania, now part of Romania, is a region of Europe that has belonged to many different states and empires. The legacy of this history is a variety of ethnic groups and languages. Andrew Eames has been to visit the small number of people there who still speak German.

There has been a series of police raids in northern Nigeria on institutions known variously as Islamic schools or rehabilitation centres. In reality they are places where children have been dumped and forced to live in terrible conditions. Mayeni Jones found the authorities there very reluctant to talk.

Kyrgyzstan, one of the 15 states formed as the Soviet Union collapsed, shares a long border with China. But the nomads in the interior lead a life apparently unchanged for decades, as Sara Wheeler discovers.

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