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Coronation Street star: 'I wanted my character to die'

Speaking to the #youmebigc podcast, Coronation Street actress Katie McGlynn revealed she 'wanted her [character] to die' to raise awareness of cervical cancer and made her case to producer Kate Oates.

"I kind of shot myself in foot because I protested against her surviving, I wanted her to die.

"I know that sounds really sadistic and awful but I wanted a big impact, I wanted a big bang and I wanted to rub it in people’s faces, yes it does happen, life isn’t a fairytale - people die," said the 26-year-old, who plays Sinead Osbourne.

"I’m sick of TV shows, not necessarily soaps, but people just acting like 'oh it’s a happy ending'.

"I know it can be and you can get over it, but tragedy does happen and I just wanted to showcase that and try and raise awareness for it…. I’m so glad we did do that."

Earlier this month, Sinead was told that her cervical cancer had returned and is terminal.

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