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The 'radically traditional' beef farmer reducing carbon emissions

US cattle farmer Will Harris used to farm cattle the industrial way, maximising profit and production of meat for the least possible cost, which involved using hormone implants, pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, and keeping livestock inside - whatever it took.

Twenty-five years ago Will had a change of heart. He now runs the largest certified organic pasture in Georgia, USA, and he raises 10 different kinds of livestock. He describes how his methods, which he describes as being 'radically traditional' and involve moving the cattle to new plots of land on a regular basis, is better for the planet and his animals as it gives the land time to regenerate. This makes his farm six times more efficient than the standard American beef production system.

"My land is healthier, my animals are healthier and my community is healthier."

Photo: An organic beef herd in a US pasture Credit: Getty Images

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