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The trade dispute in Asia that's brought relations between two of the world's richest countries to their lowest ebb for years - but it's nothing to do with China or the US.

Relations between Japan and South Korea have often been delicate. But they may now have reached their lowest ebb since they established diplomatic relations in 1965. Peter Hadfield reports from Tokyo on the background to the dispute and how it's playing out in Japan.

The European migrant crisis has receded from its peak of 2015, but large numbers of people are still seeking refuge in Europe, their first stop often being the Greek islands. But the camps are overcrowded and the people living there close to despair, as Charlie Faulkner finds out on Lesbos.

It's now 30 years since the first partly-free elections in Poland as it began to emerge from the Soviet shadow. Kevin Connolly, who reported on those elections in the city of Gdansk, has just returned. He notices distinct similarities in the restaurant menus then and now but a significant difference in what is actually served up.

In southern Chad, as the rainy season begins to recede, the grass is lush, the grazing is good and the nomadic Wodaabe people are gathering for the annual Gerewol festival - a week of what you might call speed-dating under the stars. Mark Stratton has been to watch.

There are a few basic rules if you're planning to drive your car into the Australian Outback: take lots of water, tell someone where you're going and make sure the car has enough fuel. Christine Finn says it's easy to forget.

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