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For Richer For Poorer: Does Global Inequality Matter?

Does global inequality really matter? And if so, what should we do about it?

No one doubts the world's rich are getting richer - the wealthiest 1 per cent are on course to control two thirds of the planet's wealth by 2030. 26 billionaires are currently worth as much as the 4.2 billion people who make up the poorest of the world's population. Does this widening inequality matter if, as the statistics appear to show, global capitalism is lifting so many millions out of extreme poverty? Life for many millions has undoubtedly improved in places like China and India thanks to global capitalism.

Others argue this level of inequality is unsustainable, because it's not just about the unfair distribution of money - it's also about the inequality of opportunity, of voice and of access to resources. In a world already facing the challenges of exploding population growth and climate change, will a super rich global elite foster resentment, dangerous discontent and political populism? The BBC's World debate asks does global inequality really matter, and should we care? And if we should, what should we do about it?

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